Do your papers fall off the refrigerator when you walk by? If the pizza company magnet does not do what you need it to, then it’s time to try magnetic push pins. You can even use these magnetic push pins at the office.

Instead of using big ugly black clips with a magnet attached, now you can use little magnetic push pins to hold papers on your filing cabinet. If you have a dying cork bulletin board that looks like a ripped up pin cushion, then it is time to step up your style. Magnetic surfaces like white boards or office cubicles are perfect places to hang up whatever notes or papers you need. A single magnetic push pin can hold about 15 sheets of paper. They can look exactly like a regular push pin without the drawbacks.

Gone are the days of hunting madly for a fallen pushpin full of fear that your next step will be a painful one. Magnetic push pins will not hurt you. You can buy all sorts of colors and shapes including flat and round if you like. If you start to have withdrawal from the cork bulletin board, then you can select the magnetic push pins in two pieces. One piece has the metal pin you are used to and the other has an easily removable half. No more ripping up the cork, and papers stay exactly where you want them. Next time you buy office supplies, make sure you try some out!